Tips for Planning Your First Disney Cruise Line Vacation

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Have you been interested in booking your first Disney Cruise Line vacation but you’re overwhelmed by the planning process? Never fear! Here are our top tips for planning your very first Disney Cruise Line vacation!

Choose your sailing based on your available dates and desired ports

The first step in planning your Disney Cruise Line vacation is choosing your sailing. Currently, Disney Cruise Line has five ships to choose from and you can find comparisons of the ships all over the internet. But here’s my first tip – don’t pick your sailing based on the ship. All of the Disney Cruise Line ships are amazing!

Choose your Disney Cruise Line sailing based on the dates that work best for your travel schedule and the itinerary that you want to sail! Have you always wanted to visit Alaska? What about Disney’s private island Castaway Cay (or the new Lighthouse Point!)? Use your travel bucket list to pick the itinerary that takes you where you want to go! Matching your desired destination with your available dates will help you pick your sailing in no time.

Familiarize yourself with your ship

Now that you’ve narrowed down your sailing – familiarize yourself with the ship you’ll be sailing on! Every ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet offers different entertainment, dining options and onboard activites, so dive into the details about your ship and get excited!

We have you covered for this one! You can learn all about your ship at the links below:

Head to the pool deck for fun any time!

Don’t obsess about excursions or speciality activities

When you research cruise vacations you’ll read all about speciality dining options, specific excursions, drink tastings and more. Those things are fun “extras” that are available on your cruise! But there is so much to do on the ship that you do not need to book in advance that you will have an amazing vacation even if you don’t book any of them!

The best part about a Disney Cruise Line vacation is that there are activities going on all the time all over the ship! The vast majority of those activities do not require advance reservations. Your sailing is going to be packed with fun whether you get that coveted speciality dining reservation or not!

Book your vacation with a trusted travel advisor

I know, I know – you knew you’d read this tip here. But hear me out before you skip this one! The booking process for a cruise is very different than the process for any other type of vacation. Cruise vacations have so options, policies and booking dates that you want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible! An experienced travel advisor will make sure that your trip is flawless by guiding you through those choices, making sure you understand your options and reminding you of all of those pesky deadlines so that you don’t miss a thing!

And, if your trusted travel advisor is from The Magic For Less Travel, you’ll also receive our exclusive shipboard credit offer! That’s free money for YOU just for booking with us! You can read all about our exclusive offer here.

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