Disney Cruise Line’s Teen Club – Vibe

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Disney Cruise Line teen club

When most people think of a Disney Cruise they imagine all types of onboard and port activities available for families. But what happens when you want to have some fun without the parents?  Aboard the Disney Dream is Vibe, a lounge for teenagers ages 14-17, to get some independent time from the family. Vibe is located in the forward area of deck 5, though the entrance is located on deck 4.  This area is  open daily  from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Vibe is an eminent place for teenagers to visit for either a break from the family or to meet up with friends.  The entrance to Vibe is illuminated with color-changing LED lighting as you walk in, creating an exclusive feeling. Adding to the exclusive feeling is receiving a special Vibe printed key to gain access to the club.

Vibe Card

What is in Vibe?

Located in the central room are gaming pods, an elevated table and chairs, couches, and a TV.  I found myself hanging out in the central area during most of my time there.  Sitting around the table and coloring while talking to friends I met was an activity I participated in almost everyday. It was a great way to get to know new people.

Vibe media room

Off of the central area is the gaming room. The gaming room is perfect for people who love video games or movies, TV, and film. The TV in this room is always playing a movie.  We enjoyed several movies  while I was onboard the Disney Dream.  The movies being played in the game room were mainly movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there was a huge selection of movies to choose from.   The gaming room also consists of a foosball table, video games, game tables, and a lounging area.

Vibe teen club

The final area of Vibe is the sun deck. On the sundeck are three pools and sun chairs. The day I went on the sun deck was the warmest day of my cruise and the weather was perfect to be out in, despite it being late January. It was not overheated outside and the sun was shining. The sun deck is usually open from between 2:00 PM through 5:00 PM. It is the absolutely ideal place to enjoy a sunny day.

Vibe pool deck

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Activities within Vibe

In the central room is a board that lists the various activities that will happen throughout the day so it helps to check in early to see what activities will be offered each day.  These activities are not listed on the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app.  On the first night of the cruise, one of the activities are icebreakers for teens to get to know each other. We also played trivia based on the counselors. The counselors helped make Vibe as fun of a place as it was.  The counselors were full of energy and got us hyped up to step outside of our comfort zone and do things we wouldn’t normally do, such as karaoke. A few other activities I participated in at Vibe included a ship-wide scavenger hunt, bingo, Wii sports, crafts, and trivia, alongside multiple others. Something is always happening.

While spending time at Vibe I met so many people from various countries around the globe. Even today I still talk to the people I met on the cruise.  This post was drafted by my 14 year old daughter Abby, as a first hand perspective, after our recent mother daughter cruise.



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