How The Wish is Different From Disney’s Other Ships

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The Disney Wish is the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet.  This new ship set sail in July 2023 and has been sailing on 3 and 4 night cruises to the Bahamas from Port Canaveral.

The Disney Wish brought the number of ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet to 5.  Disney started its fleet with the Disney Magic in 1998, the Disney Wonder in 1999, the Disney Dream in 2011 and the Disney Fantasy in 2012.

How The Disney Wish is Different 

You might be wondering how the Disney Wish compares to the other four ships in the Disney Fleet.   Let’s discuss some of the ways they are different and some of the ways they are the same.


The first four ships were released in pairs and each ship in the pair has the same layout but differ from each other in design. The Disney Magic and Disney Wonder are the smallest of the ships.  The Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy are almost twice as big as the first two ships.

So where does the Disney Wish compare in size?  It is slightly larger than the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.  The Disney Wish is 4 feet longer and 5 feet taller than the Dream and Fantasy making the Disney Wish the largest ship in the fleet.


The first four ships are all designed either in Art Deco or Art Nouveau and are very nautical in appearance.  With the Disney Wish, Disney did something different and designed a ship where each space is designed after a Disney movie.  The overall theme of the ship is “Enchantment” and the ship is divided into the Enchanted Forest and the Enchanted Castle.

In addition to the overall theme, each venue is themed to a particular movie.   For example, The Bayou is themed after Princess and the Frog, Hyperspace Lounge is themed after Solo: A Star Wars Story, Nightingales is themed after Cinderella.

On the first four ships, the main space in the center of the ship is referred to as the Atrium.  However, on the Disney Wish, it is called the Grand Hall.

Entertainment Spaces

On the original four ships, there are adults only entertainment areas that house the adults only clubs.  The adults only area on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, After Hours, is on Deck 3 forward.  On the Disney Dream it is the District and on the Disney Fantasy it is Europa both located on Deck 4 Aft.  However, on the Disney Wish, there is no adults only area, instead, the clubs are scattered all around the ship.  Most lounges are adults only spaces.


The Disney Wish is currently sailing 3- and 4-night Bahamas itineraries from Port Canaveral.  The other ships sail from 3-7-night itineraries, and sometimes longer sailings from different ports around the world.  The closeness of Port Canaveral to Orlando makes it the perfect addition to a Walt Disney World visit.


The Disney Wish has really expanded the opportunity to purchase merchandise on the ship.  The original two ships in the Disney Fleet had two shops, Mickey’s Mainsail and White Caps selling Disney themed merchandise and sundries.  The addition of the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy introduced Tiffany’s to the ships.

The Disney Wish has almost half a deck of shopping available across 7 stores.

  • Mickey’s Mainsail offering Disney merchandise and sundries.
  • Treasures Untold is the place to go for collectable merchandise.
  • Enchanted Castle Jewels offers fine jewelry.
  • 3 Wishes is the go-to shop for Breitling, Hublot, and TAG Heuer watches
  • Once Upon A Time sells Cartier and Panerai watches
  • Royal Regalia is the shop for bags, scarves and leather goods.
  • Deck 11 Dory’s Forget-Me-Knots offers pool wear and t-shirts.


Main Dining Areas

Rotational Dining is still the standard on the Disney Wish.  The restaurants on the Disney Wish are all new to the Disney Fleet.

  • Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure is a Frozen themed restaurant where Anna and Hans are celebrating their engagement and have invited you to the celebration in their royal banquet hall.

  • Worlds of Marvel is themed around new tech from the Marvel Universe. One of the Avengers might even visit.

  • 1923 transports you back to the year that Walt Disney arrived in Hollywood. The restaurant is filled with hundreds of pieces of artwork from Disney animated Movies.

Quick Service Dining 

  • For a casual meal, Marceline Market offers a buffet at breakfast and lunch and table service at dinner time.

Marceline Market Sign on the Disney Wish

  • Grab a quick bite for lunch, dinner or anytime in between at Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods. Uniquely themed food stations including Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue, Donald’s Cantina, Daisy’s Pizza Pies, Goofy’s Grill and Sweet Minnie’s Ice Cream.

Adults Only Dining

There are two adults only dining restaurants available on the Disney Wish – Palo Steakhouse and Enchante.  For a truly special meal, book brunch, or dinner at these upscale restaurants.

The theming of Palo is different on the Disney Wish that the other ships.  Palo Steakhouse is themed around Cogsworth from the live action movie Beauty and the Beast and is a steakhouse rather than an Italian restaurant like on the other four Disney Ships.

Enchante is themed around Lumiere from the same version of Beauty and the Beast.


Disney Cruise Line entertainment still is the best in the business.  Enjoy dazzling shows, deck parties, blockbuster movies and even a waterslide.  While the stage shows may be different on the Disney Wish from the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, the quality of the entertainment has not changed.


Nightly shows that are unique to the Disney Wish are available in the Walt Disney Theater.

Movies Theaters 

Unique to the Disney Wish is that there are two movie theaters onboard.  While the older ships have one movie theater that shows first run Disney movies, the Disney Wish has the Wonderland Cinema and the Neverland Cinema.

Water Coaster 

Brand new on the Disney Wish is the Aqua Mouse.  This water coaster is the first of its kind ride that takes you through scenes of Mickey and friends before sending you racing down 760 feet of tubes high above the upper decks.

The Disney Wish is a great new addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet.  If you have experienced a Disney Cruise before, this ship will enchant and excite you.  If you haven’t sailed on a Disney Cruise before, why not start with the newest ship in the fleet.  Request a no-obligation quote to sail on the Disney Wish.

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