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She was very helpful to me on several occasions from issue with my final payment and my debit card to the last night of our stay when my oldest lost her drivers license and our agent assisting is by calling the airlines as well.

-Nancy B

Grateful all arrangements were set in advance and came to fruition without any problems

-Celine C

I used to do all of the planning myself but over time have gotten to where I have less and less time so having our agent take the burden of booking the package and then automatically applying discounts was fantastic.  Our agent did a great job in communicating and assisting us when needed.  The trip was excellent and we will definitely plan our next trip using TMFL.  This was our first time ever using a travel agent and it was very easy.  Our travel agent helped guide me through all the necessary documentation needed and helped keep me on track with reservation deadlines.

-Helen R

We are experienced WDW and DCL vacationers, but had no idea where to begin with Disneyland. Deb guided us through it from picking the perfect hotel to choosing our dining reservations. When I wanted to cancel one last minute and couldn’t get it to work, she did it for me so that I could enjoy my vacation.

-Kimberly S

Our agent is always ready to answer my weird questions and odd requests, and she does it quickly!  I feel very lucky that I found her years ago.   the service you provide is fantastic.  From tips to reminders, I always know that I’ll have all of the information I’ll need.

-Lisa S

Our counselor sent us many travel tips and was very fast at answering questions.

-Angela B

Our agent is amazing!  She spent hours on the phone (on her day off) trying to to switch travel dates of our cruise without having a penalty fee.  She was successful which saved us over a grand!  We also left our camera on the shuttle and she provided the number to contact them.  The Disney cruise line mailed the camera to our house without a charge.  We will definitely continue using her for any Disney travel plans we have.

-Christina M

Our counselor was amazing – he quickly replied to all of my questions & requests with clearly laid-out options making it easy for me to arrange my vacation.  He reminded me when deadlines were coming, when access would be available for meal reservations & fast passes – I’ve never had a better experience with a travel company in my life!  I would recommend him to anyone wanting the best Disney experience!

-Jackie W

Our agent is always so knowledgeable in assisting us with our trips.  She does an excellent job helping us plan our itineraries  so that we get the most out of our vacation.  Her advice and suggestions are valued greatly.  She goes above and beyond to get us any information we request.  Our recent trip had several components that required transportation to a variety of places.  She put it all together perfectly.  Our dinner reservations at Disney were amazing, and she arranged them at times that flowed easily into the evening parades and shows.  Simply put, she is awesome!  We will definitely use her again in the future!

-Cynthia C

Our TMFLT counselor worked with us to make sure that every angle was covered. She’s wonderful! I’ve recommended her to many, many friends!

-Trish W

Our agent was absolutely wonderful.  She was so knowledgeable and patient. We’ve been to Disney a number of times in the past and this is the first time we’ve used a travel counselor.  It was such a treat and now I cannot imagine doing it all by myself again.  She was able to give great advice to my detailed questions.  She helped me develop and improve on my touring plan, she got us great fast passes at the times we wanted and did an amazing job booking our dining reservations.  She was knowledgeable about all the different food options, gave us great leads on quick service and snacks and even sent me direction to the nearest Publix from our resort. I highly recommend her to all my friends with young children planning Disney trips.

-Natalie W

My counselor helped remind me of deadlines for making reservations which allowed me to schedule the things I wanted to see and do more time efficiently.

-Morgan T

We have 2 littlest ones. Our TMFLT agent really helped with tips and planning so our trip was easy with a 1 year old.  Pack n plays and diaper genies were waiting for us at our room when we arrived. Our room(s) were also in a great location to everything so we could easily access food, milk, and transportation.  We are always pleased with her tips and planning. She had planned several trip for us. She is very knowledgable about Disney! 

-Carly P

I chose to work with a travel counselor to take the burden off of me while planning an extended family cruise. She was fabulous at being there for any questions that came up for my family due to changes with Royal Caribbean since the last time we sailed.  She also went above and beyond in securing cabins near each other, including two sets of connecting cabins.

-Susan K

I am not sure what else our counselor could have done to make my vacation better unless she was going to come to the parks with me and peel my grapes and pour my wine.  She was 10,000x better than the agent I had with a different very large DISney related agency.

-Rick F

Our most recent cruise involved four different family units. Tina made it all work seamlessly and problem free.

-Doug W

Before our last trip in September, I had never used an agent for travel before, even for multi city European vacations. It  was nice to have a single, knowledgeable point of contact who could quickly and effectively answer any questions that we had.

-Jordan H

I’m a planner by nature, so it was great to let go a bit for the first time, while exchanging great tips or info for WDW.  I felt like I was being helped by a long time friend that cared about the experience and trip.

-Efrain V

During the initial planning,our agent took the time to patiently walk us thru the ship map to find the right room location for us.  She verbally and in email gave us extremely helpful tips about little things to do to prepare for the trip and once on the trip, to enhance our experience on the cruise.  She went above and beyond to help us be prepared for a wonderful vacation.  She was fantastic and very easy to work with.  She emailed or called us with reminders when it was time to do something or make a decision or payment.  Her “helpful tips” made a huge difference in helping us prepare and know what to expect.  The Magic For Less Travel website is very streamlined, informative and easy to use.   Both my kids (ages 8 & 12) said the Disney Cruise was “the best vacation we’ve ever done & we have to do it again and again!”  It truly was magical!  

-Cathy A

Mike always returned my emails within hours.  Even on weekends.  He did not pressure me to book, but answered all my questions truthfully and confidently.  The on board credit I got with my cruise was the deciding factor to book with TMFL, and I have at least two groups of jealous friends who will be booking with your company next time.

-Lisa B




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