The Top 5 Queues at Walt Disney World

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The top five entertaining standby queues at Walt Disney World can vary from person to person.  Even so, there are plenty of standby queues at Walt Disney World that are just as entertaining as the parks themselves.  Here is a list of the top five rides that are worth the wait, where you can skip the Genie+ reservation.

Top Five Standby Queues at Walt Disney World

5.  Seven Dwarves Mine Train

In Disney’s Magic Kingdom, people in the cavernous queue of the Seven Dwarves Mine Train find barrels of gems.  These barrels are actually one of the many entertaining activities of this queue.  When the barrels are spun, the faces of different dwarves are projected on the ceiling.  To avoid a longer outer line, catch this ride at rope drop, during a parade or fireworks show, or during extra magic hours.  Riders for Seven Dwarves Mine Train must be 38” or taller.

Seven Dwarves Mine Train Standby Queue

4.  The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Children, teens, and adults alike will thoroughly enjoy the games and activities found in the queue of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  In the outer area of the queue, you can explore Rabbit’s garden, visit Eeyore’s Gloomy Place, and play with flying bees.  In the interior area of the queue, you can use your hands to wipe honey from digital walls and reveal characters underneath.  Riders of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh can be any height.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Standby Queue

3.  Haunted Mansion

As the queue for Haunted Mansion moves closer to the mansion, people find themselves in an area of various spooky tombs, memorials, and statues.  Each memorial has its own entertaining features.  Some involve just listening or speaking to the memorial and others are interactive through touch.  Riders of Haunted Mansion can be any height.

Haunted Mansion Interactive Queue

2.  Dumbo the Flying Elephant

The queue for Dumbo the Flying Elephant in Disney’s Magic Kingdom starts like a regular line.  However, as you enter the big top, an amazing playground comes into view.  The playground’s features look just like the firehouse clown scene from the movie (minus the clowns).  As you move through the queue toward the playground, you also approach a podium with two circus cast members.  They hand you a pager like the kind you receive when waiting for a table at a restaurant. 

Kids of all ages have the opportunity to run, play, and slide at this large air conditioned playground with the center ring designed for toddlers.  Another perk at this playground is the opportunity to sit and rest your feet!  The pager you receive at the podium will alert you when it is your turn to return to the regular queue.  It’s only a short wait more until you are flying with Dumbo himself.  Riders for Dumbo the Flying Elephant can be any height.

Playground in Dumbo the Flying Elephant Standby Queue

1.  Star Wars:  Rise of the Resistance

For Star Wars fans, this ride’s queue in Disney’s Hollywood Studios might be at the top of their list.  You can enjoy Resistance games that interact with multiple points in the queue in the Play Disney Parks
App.  In what is becoming a norm for rides at Walt Disney World, this queue is as immersive as the upcoming ride.  The ultimate part of the queue comes when you find yourself alternately shepherded into ships and corridors by members of the Resistance or the First Order.  Cast members act their parts so flawlessly that you don’t even realize you are technically still in line.   Riders for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance must be 40” or taller.

Rise of the Resistance Queue

Interested in experiencing these five entertaining queues?

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