Why You Should Use a Travel Planner

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In an age where travel can be easily booked online or through stores or clubs, why use a travel planner? This is a question I answer frequently for those who have not used our services before.  Let me share a few reasons why having a travel planner assist you will maximize your value, time, and overall vacation experience.

Travel Planners Are Your (Free) Advocates

If I have heard one thing from clients in the past year, it has been, “Thank goodness I have a travel planner helping me.”  When a wrench is suddenly thrown into vacation plans it can be very stressful to figure out what to do next. When suppliers cancelled trips in 2020, our agents were actively working to help their clients.  We sat on hold and advocated for our guests so that they didn’t have to.  We also made sure we were available and communicating for peace of mind. Travel is an investment and as with any other purchase, adding an extra layer of assistance is beneficial.

Complimentary Services

People often think that they have to pay for a travel planner’s services.  At The Magic for Less Travel, we do not charge fees.  Agents are paid after clients travel by the trip suppliers.  Why would a huge company like Disney or Universal pay travel planners?  Because they have done research that shows guests who have the assistance of a travel planner come away with a better experience.  In addition, our agents monitor discounts daily to ensure our guests are getting the best possible pricing on trips.  If you book a trip and a discount is released after booking, we will do our very best to apply that discount for you.

Tips, Expertise, & Advice

After booking, our travel planners will send you helpful tips and updates that will help you prepare and plan.  We remind our clients when they can make dining reservations, park reservations, etc.  Our agents have education and experience with the destinations they sell.  Our team is committed to providing helpful insight on what might work best for your specific vacation.  Instead of calling and waiting on hold for someone  at a call center, you will have an email or phone number to get your questions answered without delay.

Planning Tailored To You

Every guest and trip is different, so you should have vacation planning services that are customized to your needs.  You can have as much control as you would like over the planning process.  If you  like to make your dining reservations and research room types, etc., no problem! You are absolutely free and encouraged to do so.  Your travel planner can share some amazing resources for you to see and is always there for you to bounce ideas off of.  We care very much about our guests’ experiences.  Often, we form wonderful relationships with the families we work with and are invested in their vacation.

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