How Single Rider Queues Work at Disney

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Fit in more attractions in one day using Single Rider Queues.  Many Walt Disney World park regulars take advantage of this opportunity.  These special queues are a way for an individual to have a shorter wait time for select attractions. But, shorter wait times are not guaranteed.

What are Single Rider Queues?

First, queues are simply the lines in which you wait to experience an attraction.  Some attractions offer a Single Ride Queue.  This means that they are maximizing the number of  guests on a ride vehicle  by filling in any single seats available.  If you are okay with not riding with the rest of your party, you can hop in a single rider line which is often much quicker than a traditional standby queue.

Where are Single Rider Lines?

Walt Disney World has four published Single Rider Queues.

These are  located at

Single Rider Queue - Test Track at Epcot

How do Single Rider Queues work?

Single Rider Queues are used to fill in available space in ride vehicles.  For example, Expedition Everest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom holds two passengers per row.  When a party of three is assigned two rows to use, the fourth passenger is selected from the front of the single rider line.

Unfortunately, Single Rider Queues are not always available.  The signs indicate if the Single Rider Queue is open or closed.  When available, you enter the queue just like a stand by queue.  Signs indicate availability.

It is possible to get in line as a group but cast members reminder you when you enter the queue that members in your party WILL be split up.  As expected, It is important to understand that you will not be riding with other members of your party.

If you are willing to ride Smuggler’s Run in Disney’s Hollywood Studios as an engineer with other guests, the Single Rider Queue is a great way to experience it with a relatively short wait.

Have Fun! 

If you want to experience an attraction for an additional time, or you are traveling solo, these queues are great opportunities to ride these popular attractions with minimal wait.

Here’s the best part, it’s free!!!

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