Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle on a Disney Cruise

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I know, you are wondering if you are seeing things. After all the 2 words “healthy” and “cruise” do not go together–right?  Actually, you can stay healthy while enjoying a magical Disney cruise. Notice I said enjoying, not enduring!  It really is possible to enjoy your cruise and still follow a healthy lifestyle. For example, I’ve been on 2 Disney cruises already this year.  Total of 15 days cruising and I gained a total of 1 pound between the 2 cruises.  Plus I kept up my usual exercise routine and indulged in desserts every day.  Here are my recommendations.

Eat Healthy Options

On a Disney cruise it’s possible to eat healthy options at every meal, even including breakfast.  I found some amazing asparagus on the buffet at Cabanas!  Fruit is readily available at the quick service locations (and sit-down restaurants) for lunch.  Vegetables are plentiful and delicious at the sit-down restaurants for dinner.  I really need to get their recipe for green beans–amazing!

Staying Healthy on a Disney Cruise


I know, people don’t usually have to tell you to relax on a cruise.  But it’s essential to being healthy to relax and avoid stress.  Stress affects both your mind and body.  Rest and relaxation can help with both mind and body.  So don’t stress about how much you are/aren’t eating!   Instead, lay by the pool and read a book.  Or get a massage.  I get a massage on every cruise.  They help you relax as well as get your blood circulating.  Next cruise, get that massage!

Staying Healthy on a Disney Cruise

Keep Moving

Whenever you aren’t totally relaxing, get your body moving.  You have lots of options while on a cruise.  Take some fitness classes or work out in the fitness center.  Jog or walk the jogging path on deck 4 (where available).

Stayin Healthy on a Disney Cruise

My personal favorite-take the stairs wherever you go on the ship.  You would be amazed how many calories you can burn that way.  Plus, you get those nice defined leg muscles!

Staying Healthy on a Disney Cruise

Headed out on your next cruise?  Try out some of these recommendations and see if they work for you.  Need some help planning that cruise?  Click on this link.

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