Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

An exciting getaway awaits you on the southernmost tip of Eleuthera, right where the Atlantic Ocean and the turquoise waters of The Bahamas meet. Lighthouse Point is Disney Cruise Line‘s exciting new tropical haven. Guests will be charmed by the enchantment of Disney while being surrounded by the natural beauty and peacefulness of The Bahamas and inspired by the country’s rich culture, customs, and stories.

Bahamian Culture
The natural splendor of The Bahamas shapes all that is there. Its influence is everywhere throughout Lighthouse Point, from the organic contours to the bright colors used in the design.

The importance of community also plays a role in molding the island. Lighthouse Point is brought to life via the efforts of several local artists, historians, and cultural ambassadors. A Bahamian Arts and Culture Pavilion will be a focal point for activities and experiences that give visitors a taste of Bahamian heritage and culture.

Distinctly Disney
Lighthouse Point provides all the essentials for a relaxing day at the beach: towels, lounge chairs, umbrellas, food, entertainment, and even a touch of magic. Entertainment for the whole family, recreation opportunities, and more are just a few of the hallmarks of the Disney Island experience. The buildings glow with vibrant Bahamian color and art, and the air is filled with the sounds of traditional Bahamian music and the aromas of regional specialties. It’s time to do some exploring, unwinding, and having fun.

Something for Everyone
Lighthouse Point features a large family beach, water play areas, and a family dining pavilion where families can spend the day together having fun in the sun. With professional Disney Cruise Line youth counselors on hand, kids may spend the day in their own separate area, complete with kids-only dining, a water play area themed after The Little Mermaid, activities, and more. And adults can find peace and quiet in their own separate section, complete with a beachfront bar and dining.

Opening Summer 2024
The experiences that await at Lighthouse Point will become cherished memories for all. Starting summer of 2024, experience the relaxation and delight of Lighthouse Point on select Disney Cruise Line sailings

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