Disney Treasure - Artist Rendering

Disney Treasure – Artist Rendering

Embark on an unforgettable journey aboard the Disney Treasure, the latest addition to the illustrious Disney Cruise Line fleet. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting blend of adventure and timeless tales from beloved Disney movies and iconic park attractions. Starting from December 2024, this magnificent vessel will set sail on 7-night Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries, promising endless excitement and exploration for all who come aboard. Get ready to set your compass towards a treasure trove of magical experiences on the Disney Treasure.

Disney Treasure

Disney Treasure’s Culinary Delights

Disney Treasure Plaza De Coco Artist Rendering

Disney Treasure Plaza De Coco Artist Rendering

Set sail aboard the Disney Treasure and embark on a unique culinary journey. Disney Cruise Line will bring back two cherished dining concepts from the Disney Wish, there are also new and exclusive dining experiences waiting to be discovered on the Disney Treasure.

Plaza de Coco: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Disney and Pixar’s “Coco.” This is the first-ever dining theater experience dedicated to the tale. Dive deeper into Miguel’s adventures with his family as they regale guests over two nights with lively, music-driven feasts. Delight in contemporary takes on classic Mexican dishes and be entertained with vibrant live performances right in the heart of Mariachi Plaza.

Disney Treasure Worlds of Marvel Restaurant - Artist Rendering

Disney Treasure Worlds of Marvel Restaurant – Artist Rendering

Worlds of Marvel: Be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this extraordinary dining realm. Rub shoulders with iconic Avengers characters and engage in an unforgettable face-off with Spider-Man. On the Disney Treasure, this modern, tech-savvy venue presents diners with a global menu and specialized entertainment across two different nights, all inspired by the Marvel epics.

1923: Step back in time to the year when the magic began – the birth of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Here, the deep-seated influence of Disney animation takes center stage, beautifully illustrating Walt Disney’s sense of adventure. Adorned with captivating artwork from both timeless and contemporary animations, 1923 exudes the elegance of Hollywood’s heyday. Its gourmet offerings are a delectable blend of California’s diverse culinary heritage, curated especially for families.

The Disney Treasure upholds Disney Cruise Line’s pioneering family dining philosophy. Every evening, guests can indulge in one of the three innovative restaurants. Adding a touch of warmth, the same service team accompanies guests every night, making every meal feel like home.

Disney Treasure Jumbeaux's Sweet Shop Artist Rendering

Disney Treasure Jumbeaux’s Sweet Shop – Artist Rendering

And that’s not all. The Disney Treasure also boasts a selection of informal bites, 24/7 room service, specialty delicacies, artisanal cafes, and adult-only refined dining options. For those with a sweet tooth, Jumbeaux’s Sweets, reminiscent of the famous ice cream shop from Disney’s “Zootopia,” is a must-visit.

Embark on the Disney Treasure and let your taste buds set sail on a world of flavors!


Disney Treasure Aquamouse - Artist Rendering

Disney Treasure Aquamouse – Artist Rendering

Step aboard the Disney Treasure, where captivating worlds of imagination and reality converge to create an unparalleled entertainment experience.

Live Performances:

  • Revel in the magic of “Beauty and the Beast.” This enchanting musical showcases dazzling costumes, mesmerizing sets, and beloved songs from the iconic film.
  • Dive into “Disney Seas the Adventure.” Join Goofy, alongside your favorite Disney and Pixar characters, as they sail uncharted waters, serenading you with hits from movies like The Princess and the Frog, Moana, Frozen II, and beyond.

AquaMouse Adventure:
Plunge into an exciting water coaster escapade, anchored by the Mickey and Minnie Mouse short, “Curse of the Golden Egg.” Splash, drift and slide through an ancient temples, encounter immersive scenes, and enjoy panoramic ocean views. But stay alert! Comical pitfalls might divert your course in unexpected directions.

Sarabi Lounge:
Channel the spirit of “hakuna matata” at Sarabi, inspired by Disney’s The Lion King. Daylight hours are filled with family-friendly activities. But as twilight beckons, this lively savannah morphs into an adults-only entertainment oasis.

Hero Zone:
Challenge yourself! This dynamic family recreation hub combines athletic challenges with game-show excitement. Whether you’re drawn to the sports court, playground, game floor, or movie theater, thrilling adventures await.

Family Pools & Play Areas:
Sunbathe and splash on the Disney Treasure’s upper decks. Dive into 10 pools, or play in Mickey-themed water zones. Don’t miss the Toy Story Splash Zone, complete with oversized rubber bath toys and the family Slide-a-saurus Rex slide.

Cinematic Treasures:
Experience movie magic at the Wonderland Cinema, with charming touches from Alice in Wonderland, or soar into the Never Land Cinema’s world inspired by Peter Pan. Both theaters promise unforgettable screenings for cinephiles young and old.

Choose the Disney Treasure for your next getaway and let your imagination set sail on a voyage of entertainment like no other!

Adult-Only Escapes

Elevate Your Experience Aboard the Disney Treasure: Exclusively for Adults

Dive into the elegance of Disney’s rich legacy, tailored just for adults. The Disney Treasure promises sophisticated escapes that channel the charm of iconic Disney attractions and films.

Skipper Society Lounge:
Step into an ambiance echoing the legendary Jungle Cruise attraction. Toast to the many adventures of iconic skippers as you traverse the Nile, Amazon, and Congo from the comfort of this lavish lounge. Remember: safety first! keep all limbs remain inside the lounge at all times!

Periscope Pub:
Embark on a voyage with Captain Nemo in this chic pub that pays homage to the classic attraction, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” Savor craft brews and signature drinks as you gaze at the aquatic realm overhead. Modern “scientific” screens keep you connected to the world ashore, from news updates to live sports.

Epicurean Delights:
Dine like royalty at PALO Steakhouse, an exclusive sanctuary for adults. From sizzling steaks to delightful Italian delicacies, every dish is a masterpiece. For a taste of France, Enchanté awaits, showcasing an exquisite menu by the renowned 3-Michelin-starred Chef Arnaud Lallement.

The Rose Lounge:
Indulge in cocktails amidst panoramic ocean views, reflecting off antique mirrors. The floating rose petals subtly hint at the magic of the enchanted castle from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Senses Spa:
Sink into serenity at the nature-inspired Senses Spa. This haven of calm offers a variety of spa treatments, culminating in the Rainforest sanctuary—a harmonious blend of warmth, aroma, and relaxation.

Quiet Cove Retreat:
Seclude yourself in this adults-only haven, complete with an infinity pool, upscale bar, and a cozy lounge area. Bask in the sun, sip on premium beverages, or indulge in a leisurely swim, away from the ship’s lively family activities.

Beauty and Grooming: Pamper yourself at Untangled Salon, offering luxurious manicures, pedicures, and hairstyling. For those seeking a gentleman’s touch, Hook’s Barbery not only delivers precision grooming but also boasts a specialty whiskey bar.

Experience refinement at its finest, only on the Disney Treasure. Elevate your cruise journey with touches of luxury and timeless Disney charm.

Kids Clubs

Journey into Imagination with the Disney Treasure’s Kid Clubs. Dive into immersive worlds, replete with your child’s favorite Disney tales. At each dedicated space, Disney’s specialized counselors guide young adventurers on captivating quests.

Marvel Super Hero Academy:
Future Avengers Assemble!
The Marvel Super Hero Academy invites kids (ages 3-12) to hone their super skills with Marvel luminaries like Spider-Man and Black Panther. A thrilling mission against Marvel villains awaits!

Fairytale Hall:
Relive beloved fairytales. This magical realm lets kids mingle with Disney Princesses. Whether crafting lanterns at Rapunzel’s Studio, diving into their favorite stories at Belle’s Library, or conjuring ice magic with Anna & Elsa, enchantment is guaranteed.

Star Wars: Cargo Bay:
The galaxy beckons. In this otherworldly hub, kids can join the Resistance, team up with icons like Rey and Chewbacca, and handle fantastical creatures from the Star Wars universe.

A hip space for tweens and teens (ages 11-14) echoing the vibes of NYC. With floor-to-ceiling windows oceanviews, it’s the ultimate spot for connecting, chilling, and of course, selfies!

Teens (ages 14-17) can groove to the beat in this Parisian loft, adorned with neon signs and pop art. A trendy retreat for mingling, listening to music, watching TV, playing interactive games, and relaxing in style.

Walt Disney Imagineering Lab:
Creativity has no limits here. Young dreamers (ages 3-12) can take on the role of a Disney Imagineer, crafting their roller coaster and then virtually experiencing their creation.

Mickey & Minnie Captain’s Deck:
A maritime playland awaits. Kids can explore, slide, and steer their ship. And guess who might pop by? Captain Minnie Mouse herself!

“it’s a small world” nursery!:
A whimsical daycare center inspired by the classic Disney ride, catering to the littlest cruisers (6 months-3 years). Specially trained counselors look after little ones during both playtime and downtime, with delightful Disney character visits.

Onboard the Disney Treasure, every child’s fantasy comes alive, wrapped in the magic and wonder only Disney can offer. Embark on a journey where stories leap from pages and dreams become reality.

Staterooms and Suites

Step into a realm of comfort and luxury on the Disney Treasure, where every stateroom reflects a blend of contemporary design, classic allure, and the enchantment of Disney tales.

Disney Treasure Inside Stateroom Artist Rendering

Disney Treasure Inside Stateroom Artist Rendering

Staterooms Crafted for Families: Designed keeping families at the forefront, Disney Cruise Line’s staterooms offer sophisticated amenities and a unique touch of Disney magic. Most will include the convenience of Disney Cruise Line’s renowned split-bath concept. For larger groups journeying together, 451 staterooms come with connecting doors. Bask in the beauty of the vast ocean, with 1,256 staterooms boasting breathtaking views. And for those who crave the open sky, 877 (70%) feature a verandah.

Disney Treasure Verandah Stateroom Artist Rendering

Disney Treasure Verandah Stateroom – Artist Rendering

Concierge-level Grandeur: Experience unparalleled luxury with Disney Treasure’s concierge-level suites. These spaces epitomize both splendor and adventure, with design inspiration drawn from the iconic landscapes of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “The Lion King.” Guests onboard the Disney Treasure, can relish dedicated service, access an exclusive lounge, and unwind on a private sun deck and sip a cocktail while enjoying  a variety of food and beverages throughout the day.

Disney Treasure Funnel Suite Artist Rendering

Disney Treasure Funnel Suite Artist Rendering

Royal Suites: For an extra touch of majesty, the Disney Treasure presents four distinct royal suites, a tribute to Disney’s valiant feline characters. Dive into the Bagheera Royal Suites, reflecting the elegance of the cherished panther from “The Jungle Book” and his verdant home. Alternatively, experience the Rajah Royal Suites, inspired by Jasmine’s loyal tiger from “Aladdin,” mirroring the opulence of Agrabah’s palace.

On the Disney Treasure, every accommodation is more than just a space; it’s an invitation to venture into magical Disney realms while being ensconced in utmost luxury. Secure your spot, and set sail into enchanting horizons.

Disney Treasure Fun Facts

Disney Treasure Atrium Artist Rendering

Disney Treasure Atrium Artist Rendering

Setting sail in December 2024, the Disney Treasure is the sixth ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, joining the Disney Magic (maiden voyage in 1998), the Disney Wonder (maiden voyage in 1999), the Disney Dream (maiden voyage in 2011), the Disney Fantasy (maiden voyage in 2012) and the Disney Wish (maiden voyage in 2022).

Meyer Werft shipyard – Papenburg, Germany

Maiden voyage
Dec. 21, 2024

Home Port
Port Canaveral, Florida

Ship’s Registry

About 144,000 gross tons (confirmed at delivery)

Length Beam Draft Height
1,119 feet 128 feet 27.2 feet 221 feet

19.5 knots cruising speed (maximum 23 knots)

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)


4,000 passengers

1,256 staterooms (includes 53 concierge staterooms and 23 concierge suites)

1,133 outside staterooms (90%)
              • 948 verandah staterooms (70%)
               • 185 oceanview staterooms (20%)
123 inside staterooms (10%)

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Cruises priced at $20,000 or above receive a $1,000 Shipboard credit*

Ask your counselor about other shipboard credit amounts.

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